Exhibit Design

We will help you clearly state your corporate message, while creating an innovative, eye-popping design. Also we can handle both, your cutaways and custom paint finishing. We provide custom graphics for any purpose, which can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Our designers work closely with clients throughout the design process to ensure their needs and wants are fully incorporated.


Our team of talented carpenters build from the concepts provided to them by the designers. They work diligently and expediently to produce high quality display properties, even in this industry, which oftentimes gets very hectic. IES craftsman are experienced and always eager to take on new and challenging projects.


Installation Services

We will order all the services you need in your trade show booth. We are able to manage outside laborers who may be unfamiliar with the properties. If permissible we will happily provide the labor ourselves.

Complete Exhibit Property Management

We will transport, repair, store, or rent you your exhibit properties. IES can provide custom made crates to protect your valuable, intricate, and delicate exhibit pieces. An IES representative never loses track of your displays.